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our teaching philosophy

If we've taught a lesson and the students' art all looks the same, then we know we've done a bad job! We try to find the sweet spot of giving students just the right amount of direction and challenge so they will create something they've never made WHILE keeping the lessons and environment open enough so they can use their inherent sense of design, express their creativity and make unique art. We always start lessons with a cultural exemplar (art history, books, pop culture, examples in art industry, etc.) to inspire them. Then we teach a few specific techniques (creating texture, perspective, shading etc.) so they have the skills to move ahead. We like to use the best possible art materials that we can afford so the students hard work will be truly beautiful and last.  

We teach realistic drawing, optical illusions, cartooning, watercolor, acrylic painting, printmaking, paper mache, and clay (airdry) to name a few.  Each class is themed, and will meet once a week for a school quarter. I will try to include as many of these techniques as possible within the month so they experience a variety of mediums.  We also like to incorporate science and other subjects when appropriate! 

We expect the same behavior your child is used to at school. They are expected to be attentive during instruction, listen when the teacher or another student is sharing, be respectful of students and art materials, be safe with tools and participate in cleanup. Teamwork works! 

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