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  • What is the cancellation policy?
    For a full refund, you must cancel 7 days prior to the beginning of the first class. After that I cannot give you credit for later classes, the funds will be forfeited.
  • What grade are my students considered to be in in the summer?
    Your student is considered to be in the grade they have just completed. For example if they have completed 1st grade and starting 2nd grade in the fall. They should sign up for the K-1 class. It is better for all students to be as close together in age and ability for the class to run well. The projects are designed for very specific ages and skill levels.
  • What are the COVID policies and procedures?
    Currently, masks are optional. However, that may change month to month. I will not change masking policies mid-month. I am asking parents to monitor any covid-like symptoms and keep children at home. Parents will have to sign a covid waiver.
  • Will I receive a refund if my student cannot attend a class?
    No. The tuition for each month is $40 for 4 hours of instruction and is due at registration. If your student misses a class you will not be refunded. I am keeping the tuition and commitment low to make it easy for students to join my classes or take breaks as I know families are busy all year with other activities!
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